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My name is Ellen Splinter I was born in Rotterdam but have been living in Brussels since 1991. I live with my partner, and together we have two wonderful children.

For years I happily worked as an office sales worker, but recently I grabbed the chance to shake up my career and become a freelance photo album designer, something I've long enjoyed doing already.

As a child I was always busy making scrapbooks. My favourite thing to do was to stick photos and articles of my favourite music bands neatly in scrapbooks. I also love to knit and sew my own clothes. Layout and design have always fascinated me.

Still, I opted for a "safe" education for the sake of job security: executive secretary, majoring in languages. After that I did a course in marketing. This turned out to be a good decision because for years I did interesting work for multinationals as well as small enterprises, particularly in the textile sector.

But my creative side kept bubbling up. Eventually I decided to do a course in graphic design. Afterwards I looked for a niche in the market, and I found it: providing a creative service to people and organisations that fit my passion perfectly! Designing photo albums for people with hundreds of photos, but lacking the time or ability to sort through them, though still wanting to have a beautiful and tangible photo album.

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